by | Oct 13, 2022 | Features

Farmers Pick  were so excited to be invited to partner with The Bicycle Network at this year’s “United Energy Around the Bay 2022”!

They are a fantastic organisation that not only promotes exercise, but also supports their brilliant charity partner The Smith Family, who help kids in need keep up at school and break the cycle of disadvantage.

We were ecstatic to know that not only the CEO was a Farmers Pick customer, but the whole Bicycle Network team are as passionate about the food waste issue, as our directors are about cycling, a perfect collaboration indeed!

On behalf of our team at Farmers Pick and our banana farmers we want to thank the Bicycle Network for purchasing over 10,000 bananas as a post event gift to nourish their riders which in turn saved them from going to waste on the farm.

It’s really exciting for us to see more organisations adopt more of an eco friendly mindset over the last couple of years!

If you were a rider on the day or are passionate about saving perfectly “imperfect” produce, get in touch with us at Farmers Pick and you too can rescue perfectly imperfect produce which is otherwise destined for landfill. The great thing is, you can directly make a positive change on the Australian food system while saving up to 30% less than what you would spend on supermarket produce, so it really is a win win for all!